Basmati rice is exclusively grown in India; hence it is counted as a major staple food in the country. Besides this, it is renown across the globe for its exotic Indian origin. However, the widespread usage and demand of Basmati Rice in foreign as well as Indian markets is not only due to its exclusive nature but because of the Various health benefits which helps the consumer to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some of its major benefits are as follows:

  • Rich in fiber – It Is a rich source of fiber which in turn reduces the risk of colon cancer, sufficient amount of fiber in regular balanced diet helps in preventing constipation as well.
  • Gluten-Free -Gluten proteins have low nutritional values; Basmati Rice is a natural Gluten-Free option which can be opted by those who are either health-conscious or are advised to have a Gluten-Free diet. It is highly recommended and suitable for people with celiac disease.
  • High source of energy – The food we eat is converted into energy through natural process of digestion. So, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is imperative that we eat a balanced amount of high energy? food. In comparison to the other varieties of rice, Basmati Rice is richer in energy (100 grams= 100 calories).
  • Keeps a check on the glycemic index – Glycemic index is a figure/number which indicates the foods effect on a person’s blood-sugar level. According to research, Basmati Rice ranges from a scale of low to medium on the glycemic index. This makes it utterly beneficial for the diabetic patients.
  • Easily digestible – It is known throughout the world for its long thin grains. In comparison to Jasmine rice (which is also known for being thin grained), Basmati is thinner. This makes Basmati easier to digest especially for people with a slow metabolic system.
  • Less in fat content – One cup of cooked Basmati rice contains 0.61 grams (approximately) of fat which amounts to 3% of the total nutritional value. The consumers of Basmati rice are therefore prevented from the risk of high cholesterol.
  • Source of vitamins – Vitamins such as Niacin and Thiamine are found in Basmati rice. These vitamins help in maintaining a healthy heart, nervous, and digestive system.

An amalgamation of wholesome beneficial elements, Basmati Rice is indeed known for more than its aroma and rich flavors.

Source- by some unique researchers and some unique studies 

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