Such mobile stores and outlets will be selling all kinds of coarse grains including barley, millet, and other crops.

Announcing the financial assistance for opening the millet stores and outlets in Uttar Pradesh by Yogi Government, the state government has proffered subsidies to run these mobile outlets and open millet stores in cities.

Yogi Government under the Uttar Pradesh Millets Revival Programme would be given Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 20 lakhs to the mobile outlets and for opening the millet stores respectively. These stores and mobile outlets will be selling all varieties of coarse grains including barley, millet, and other such varieties.

As per the official spokesperson of the Uttar Pradesh government, under this program, out of the total amount given; 75 per cent would be utilized for millet and the rest 25 per cent would be utilized for the décor and maintenance of the outlets and stores.

These outlets will be opened and managed by small traders, farmers, and women’s self-help groups. Apart from this, the state government has also included the usage, benefits, and cultivation process of coarse grains in the school curriculum.

To prepare the curriculum by having chapters on millet in the schools, the basic and secondary education departments are working on this matter. With the allocation of funds of Rs 110 crores for assisting in the cultivation of millet, the State Government has already planned its budget.

UP government has also prepared and distributed ‘Prasadam’ at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi to promote the consumption of coarse grains. The government has started training women to prepare Prasadam from coarse grains in Varanasi. In addition to this, it has asked the owners of restaurants and Hotels to prepare and serve dishes made of millet. The Tourism Department has arranged fairs promoting dishes made of millet and other coarse grains. As per the officials, the chefs will be specially coached in cooking millet dishes.

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